Saturday, July 14, 2007



1. Anthony Braxton FOR ALTO (1968, Delmark)
2. Anthony Braxton SOLO (KOLN) 1978 (2002, Golden Yers of New)
3. Carlo Actis Dato THE MOONWALKERS (2001, Leo Records)
4. Carlo Actis Dato & Kazutoki Umeza WAKE UP WITH THE BIRDS (1999, Leo Records)
5. John Butcher LONDON & COLOGNE: SAXOPHONE SOLOS (1998, Rastascan Records)
6. Claude DeLangle THE SOLITARY SAXOPHONE (1994, Bis)
7. Elton Dean & Paul Dunmall IF DUBOIS ONLY KNEW (1996, Blueprint UK)
8. Ellery Eskelin PREMONITION (1993, Primesource)
9. Susan Fancher PONDER NOTHING (2002, Innova)
10. Anthony Braxton WESLEYAN (12 ALTO SOLOS) 1992 (1995, Hat Hut)
11. Gianni Gebbia H PORTRAITS (1998, Rastascan)
12. Frank Gratkowski ARTIKULATIONEN (1999, 2nd Floor)
13. Lee Konitz LONE-LEE (1994, Steeple Chase)
14. Steve Lacy SNIPS: LIVE AT ENVIRON (2000, Jazz Magnet)
15. Daunik Lazro ZONG BOOK (2000, Emouvance)
16. Urs Leimgruber STATEMENT OF AN ANTIRIDER (1994, Hat Hut)
17. Joe McPhee & Daunik Lazro ELAN IMPULSE (1991, Insitu)
18. Joe McPhee TENOR (1976, Hat Hut)
19. Stefano Maltese GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT (1998, Splasc(h) Records)
20. Evan Parker PROCESS AND REALITY (1999, FMP)
21. Roscoe Mitchell SOLO [3] (2004, Mutable Music)
22. Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg MONKEY PUZZLE (2000, Leo Records)
23. Anthony Braxton & Evan Parker DUO (LONDON) 1993 (1995, Leo Records)
24. Bob Rainey THE WITHERED GRASSES (1999, Tautology)
25. Ned Rothenberg THE CRUX: SELECTED SOLO WIND WORKS (1989-1992) (1999, Leo Records)
26. Sonny Simmons OUT INTO THE ANDROMEDA (2003, Parallactic)
27. Larry Stabbins MONADIC (2002, Emanem)

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