Wednesday, July 25, 2007


1: Eden Ahbez "Eden's Island" (Del-Fi)
The High point of this genre in my mind. Dump the Mongoose song and you got one breathtakingly gorgeous masterpiece.

2: Martin Denny "Hypnotique" (Liberty)
His attempt at musical "surrealism". Cuts with the string section are heavenly.

3: Warren Barker "A Musical Touch of Far Away Places" (Warner Brothers)
Wordless female chorus over rich, sparkling, dreamy orchestrations. Extremely good.

4: Phil Moore "Polynesian Paradise' (Strand)
One that continues to grow on me over the years. Simple, breezy, beautiful LP. Side openers are amazing.

5: Les Baxter "Jewels of the Sea" (Capitol)
For three specific S1 tracks. Dreamy, iridescent, ondioline/orchestra Underwater Exotica fare.

6: Martin Denny "Afro-Desia" (Liberty)
Outrageously fun, ludicrously-fake, faux-African with lilly-white choral group.

7: Buddy Collette "Polynesian Suite" (Music & Sound)
Marni Nixon exotic jazz vocals S1. Incredible 20 min. narrated suite S2. On (very rare) mid 50s private label.

8: M. Kawahara & the Exotic Sounds "Ecstasy" (Venus)
Extremely obscure, jaw-dropping, recent ('05) exotica/sexploitation discovery from mysterious/shady 60s Asian label. Trumps all the Chaino releases combined.

9: Michel Magne "Tropical Fantasy"
Madhouse aviary music. Wildest LP in the genre.

10: Frank Hunter "White Goddess"
Strange, eerie percussion/electronics soundtrack-like trip.

Lista extraída de ese mundo en pequeñito que es Show and Tell Music

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