Sunday, August 19, 2012


Desaparece Paris Transatlantic. Una de las primeras paginas que me enseño a amar la música experimental, gracias por todo Dan!

"I suppose the simple, honest answer is that my heart's no longer in it. To quote what David Toop said in his Invisible Jukebox in The Wire a few years back (as Simon Reynolds did just a couple of months ago): "A lot of people feel there's too much stuff out there, too much music... I feel it myself, I love silence, but music as a whole I don't like anymore... I don't like listening to it on the radio, seeing music on television. I don't like having it on in the house... That love of music as a generalised experience, I've come to the end of that." I can't say I feel exactly the same way – for a start, I don't have a television and the only thing I ever listen to on the radio is the news, and I do like having music on and still listen to a lot of it – but I certainly think there's too much of it around and it just doesn't seem to move me the way it used to. Maybe I'm just going through a dry spell – which is Simon Reynolds' take on Toop, who's obviously still writing about music, and as well as he ever was – but I find my interests lie elsewhere these days: specifically, in cinema and literature." Dan Warburton

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