Thursday, August 23, 2012


"I was talking with Nate Tinsley (Nathaniel X) on Skype about this period in his musical history.. he switched from producing hip-hop to producing house music, because he had been at a party in NY, and he witnessed a shooting and got caught up in the middle of it, and he wanted out of the rap game after that. He wanted to 'rebel' against his circle of friends because they were close-minded and didn't understand this 'house' music he started producing. He didn't give a fuck about money, labels or anything like that, he had this sound inside of him that needed out, and this is what led to Vil-N-X and his current resurrection as the 'Nathaniel X Project'. He's a very spiritual dude.. and I think you can hear that through his music.. he still has the plate master of this track that was played by a certain DJ at the Sound Factory back in 1991. Respect Nate.. and you too Hans."


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