Monday, October 29, 2007


Dan Warburton
: Is it true that one of the tapes of your concerts with Dolphy was half-eaten by Mengelberg's pet parrot?

Han Bennink: Ha, ha, another total lie from Misha. When the promoter saw that somebody was taping it illegally, he took the tape and gave it to me. For years it was in my car, with water leaking all over it. That's the real story. Then Misha had that recording of him playing with his parrot, so we put the parrot on one side of the album [ICP 015] and Eric Dolphy on the other. That was a good combination! I don't know why we don't release that as a CD.

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BUDOKAN said...

Eric Dolphy es uno de los más grandes músicos que oí alguna vez. Saludos!