Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"Altern 8 started doing PA's at clubs again a few years back and I'm pleased to say that I've seen the legendary rave duo play twice over the past three years. The line-up on stage consists of Chris Peat and Mark Archer (each behind a giant yellow "A" and "8"), their own MC and a breakdance crew. Of course, you can't tell if it's really Peat and Archer beneath the black hoods and infamous yellow (traditionally Vicks-coated) dustmasks but personally I'm not fussed - it's just great to hear a set of all their classic tunes, complete with shameless fat rave stabs & basslines and even more shameless samples lifted blatantly from early techno, house and electro. :) They typically play the likes of Evapor-8, Infiltrate 202, Hypnotic St-8, Frequency, etc (all sadly overlooked by old skool deejays these days so it's especially wicked to hear them at a rave again) and last time I saw them we were also treated to a more recent D&B remix called Infiltrate 2002." barticle


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