Monday, July 25, 2011


"'Ride On Time' was just a plain piano track with no vocals, and no title yet, and Davoli was the resident DJ at Starlight, one night while he was playing at Starlight, he dropped this piano track and decided to mix an accapella over the top and cut it up, which incidently was 'Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation' (probably taken from.. Various - Acapella Anonymous Vol. #1 from the 80's). The crowd went mental and hey presto, 'Ride On Time' was born."

 "Loleatta Holloway was on the original version, that was illegally sampled. Heather Small performed on this "re-recorded" version (i.e. in the video above) due to Black Box effectively being sued"

 "Technotronic's debut hit "Pump Up The Jam" was kept from the #1 spot in the UK by "Ride On Time". That act was fronted by the blue-lipped model Felly, who like Quinol, was merely hired to front the project, though Felly was quickly ditched when the parents of the real singer (Ya Kid K) relented after the huge success of the track and allowed their daughter to do publicity."

"Technotronic's first single, 1989's "Pump Up the Jam," was a smash hit across Europe and eventually the U.S. While the record featured the raps of Ya Kid K, she was nowhere to be seen in the accompanying video, which instead featured Zairean-born fashion model Felly lip-syncing the lyrics; little did fans realize that not only was Felly nowhere near the studio at the time the single was recorded, in truth she did not even speak a word of English. She was also featured on the cover of Technotronic's debut LP, Pump Up the Jam: The Album, further blurring the lines between truth and fiction; in the end, Bogaert admitted that Felly's services had been engaged purely to establish the group with "an image." When Technotronic toured in support of the 1990 hit "Get Up! (Before the Night Is Over)," Ya Kid K and MC Eric were alone behind the microphone, and Ya Kid K was also rightfully featured in the song's video."

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