Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Steve Stapleton hip-hop wants list

You will all have been as horrified as I was to learn that Steven is completely obsessed by female hip-hop. Please help him to sate his obsession by finding these CDs for him so he can stop harassing me to find them. Each person who sends a CD on the list to Steve will get a personalised Steven Stapleton present in return, so remember to include your address! Please send them to Steven Stapleton, BM WOUND, London WC1N 3XX, England. '(?)' after the album title means that Steven does not know the record label that released it.

Anquette/Respect (Luke)
Ayeesha/Listen Closely (Grape Tree)
Miss Jones/The Other Woman (Motown)
Oaktowns 357/Wild and Loose (Capitol)
Rysque/The Black Widow (Epic)
Rysque/Peepshow (?)
Sweet Cookie/Do You Wanna Dance (Danya)
Strings/The Black Widow (Epic)
DJ Boo: *anything at all wanted*
Shorty No Mars: *anything at all wanted*
Peebblee-Poo: *anything at all wanted*
Shazzy/Ghettosburg Address (?)
Princess MC/Princess MC (Vision)
Deadly Venoms/Antodote (A&M)
Champ MC/Keep it on the Real (?)
Sweet T/It's T Time (Profile)
Lady 14/Standing Tall (Evolution)
Drama Queen/Do You Wanna Play My Game (M Vibe)
Miss Manners/Audio Guide (?)
Lady Red/Lady Red (Hi-Powered)
Gina Thompson/If You Only Knew (Elektra)
Mia X/Good Girl Gone Bad (No Limit)
Mia X/Sista Stories (No Limit)
Queen of Compton/Hey Love (Yo)
Two For One/Let's fo to War (No Limit)
Sonya Blade/Blade (?)
J.V./Nayba'hood Queen (Thump)
Heather B/Heather B (Asylum)
Porsha/Porsha (Priority)
Hos With Attitude/Az Much Ass Az You Want (?)
Rah Digga/Everything is a Story
Bytches Wiv Problems/The Bytches (Def Jam)
Bytches Wiv Problems/Life's a Bytch (Sony)
Bytches Wiv Problems/Always On My Mind (Orchod)
A.lexxus/Let's Ride (No Limit)
Princess Superstar/Strictly Platinum (5th Beer)
Shinda The Ghetto Queen/Any Titles At All By This Artist (Chocolate Mommi)
Various Artists/The Time of the Month (Lavy Cat/Chocolate Mommi)

Nikki D/Nikki D (Geffen)
Magnolia Shorty/Monkey on the D$ck (Cash Money)
MC Lyte/The Remix Album (?)
Ms Melody/Diva (?)
Blade/Blade (?)
T.Love/Keeping it Hot (Down Low)

Esta lista salio en 2004 en Durtro y tuvo en años venideros nuevas incorporaciones, al desaparecer la pagina no sabemos que nuevo material esta en busca y captura de mr Stapleton. Desde aqui publicamos la lista casi completa.

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