Tuesday, May 04, 2010


“14 tracks Dubbing with Joe Gibbs”

Joe Gibbs was responsible for over 100 Jamaican number one records and was credited with creating one of the earliest instrumental dub albums on 1972s 'Dub Serial'. During the early to mid sixties he trained as an electrical engineer in the USA before opening up a repairs shop in Kingston. Not long after, he started supplementing his trade with record sales, eventually opening a studio in the back room with a two track tape recorder and some help from a young engineer, Lee Perry. Perry eventually dissolved their relationship, but in association with Bunny Lee, Gibbs set up his Amalgamated label, achieving major success with an early rocksteady classic, Roy Shirley's 'Hold Them'. His most successful period started in 1972 at a new studio working alongside Errol Thompson under the 'Mighty Two' handle and fuelled by deadly rhythms from in-house band The Professionals (including the riddim twins Sly & Robbie). Here the Mighty Two created a hit factory, producing hundreds of singles for everyone from Black Uhuru to Big Youth. This selection is by no means definitive but does traverse a massive cross section of Gibbs oeuvre, from dread roots dub to flying steppers and heavyweight disco mixes, the depth and breadth of the material is quite staggering...

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