Saturday, September 27, 2008



Zapp said...

Hola, estás viviendo en Londres? Conoces tiendas de vinilos interesantes? Voy a ir unos días y me gustaría encontrar rock experimental, free jazz, canterbury... Gracias!

Anonymous said...

jason rohm | suicide
artbook + compilation cd-r
Originally intended to celebrate the first anniversary of Cut Hands waaay back in Januscary but since it’s never too late to celebrate in the oh 8 here it is and goddamn if it wasn’t worth the goddamning wait. Jason Rohm paints a grim picture that’s both realistically nerving yet bizarrely funny. The tale of a desperate soul in a world that’s tied by rules and akward questions, almost comic like in subtle detail. Suicide has 32 pages of black and white drawings, with text in English and awkward Dutch. The compilation provides a harrowing soundtrack. Tunes by Andrew Coltrane, Sick Llama, Warmth, Droughter, Bottom Feeder, Raperies (Like Draperies), Ex-Cocaine, Robedoor and Josh Lay.
125 copies made, limited availibility, so act fassssssst.
€ 9,- ppd NL/BE/DE
€ 10,- ppd rest of the world